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Cross Country Mentoring

Expanding Your Horizons

Breaking the chains of the flight park is not an easy task and it requires work and knowledge. A good foundation for cross country flying are the basic launch and landing skills and thermal flying skills. Lookout Mountain and the valley provide one of the best XC training grounds in the country. I often fly to the Point of Lookout and do in-valley tasks of over 60 km. We can do it all right here and I can show you how.

This program is offered to H3 pilots and above. It all starts with a flight skills assessment. It is recommended that you have your aerotow rating and proficient towing in mid-day conditions. LMFP provides aerotow training for non-rated pilots.


In-Flight Mentoring
We fly together and we have a lot of flight plan options, depending on conditions. When you book me for the day rate you know you're going to get some airtime. We will team fly and be in communication via radio. I usually fly with at least two Gopro cameras, and a video flight review is included. I fly and train all year. Yeah, Let's Fly!

Cross Country Discussion Subjects

1. Soaring forecast

2. Deciding on a flight task

3. Equipment needs

4. Guide service to other local sites


XC Flying Skills

1. The low save

2. Decisions at cloudbase

3. Going with the flow

4. Landing field considerations

5. Practicing XC skills at the flight park

6. Team flying


Knowledge Base

1. Local Weather, clouds and everything under the sun

2. Other flying locations

3. Landing out

4. Airspace and flight planning

5. Flight analysis


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