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Finding Your Zen

Relax and Be the Moment

Take a deep breath, slowly exhale and relax, flying can be as easy as that. How you prepare yourself for your next flight is very important, for your success and safety.


Hang gliders are a very special type of aircraft. The pilot hangs in connection to the center of gravity of the wing, giving the pilot weight shift flight control and a unmatched connection to the wing. This is the feeling pilots talk about. The modern flexible wing hang glider is possibly the most ergonomic flying machine ever designed. Learn how to maximize performance while maximizing comfort and relaxation.


You must be relaxed to find the feeling. This is the crossing of all your skills and knowledge. Where the confidence is you skills set you free. Here you find the feeling, feel the flow zone and be in the moment. This is where it is at. Be the bird.

Discussion Subjects

1. Good Morning Lookout Mountain

2. Hydration, foods and nutrition

3. Yoga for flying

4. Mindfulness of flight and situational awareness

5. The focus of Awesome Intention

6. What a 45 minute low save teaches you

7. Say thank you and I am sorry

8. Just be the bird

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