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Flight Skills Coaching

Launch, land, repeat. Launch, land, repeat. Repeat

The keys to relaxation and focus are in your launches and landings. Relaxation is so important, it gives you the ability to make smart piloting decisions. Once you have the confidence in your basic skills, you're ready for the next level, soaring. Learning to soar is all about relaxation, finding the feeling and being one with your wing. You need to feel comfortable with your landing skills to be able to feel the next thermal. Just relax.


Risk management is our primary concern. Learn how to fly as safely as possible, it starts with situational awareness and how to minimize your exposure.

I'm known for my landing skills at Lookout. I can coach you on your H3 and H4 spots and all my knowledge of landing at Lookout. If you can land well at Lookout, you can land anywhere. Lookout is a very technical landing field due to wind and rotor issues. It's a great training LZ because it's big and pilots have many options to practice landing approaches, restricted and spot landings. To fly XC you must be able to land-out in unknown fields, where "there is no try". You can learn everything here.


Soaring 101. I can help you find your sweet spot on the ridge or in a thermal over Lookout. I will fly with you one-on-one as part of your program. Learn to be the bird.


Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding is soar-able all year around. I can coach you though all the seasons. The mountain air is truly magic when it's on. Some of the best days are in the winter. Learn how to soar every season at Lookout Mountain.


These programs are available to all H2 and above pilots.

Launch Program

1. Self launching in light winds

2. Launching into ridge soaring conditions

3. Launches at new sites

4. Guide service to other local sites


Landing Program

1. Landing at Lookout Mountain

2. It's all about the approach

3. Spot landing

4. Restricted landing field practice

5. Drag chutes


Thermal Flight Discussion Subjects

1. Soaring 101

2. Turn School

3. Ridge vs Thermal or Both?

4. Low Saves

5. Signs and Cycles

6. Getting up at Lookout Mountain

7. Airspace

8. Soaring weather

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